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We value what really matters

24 Sep 2016

Diamond Love Bond® is one of the first in the world to offer its customers the IDR certification – Rapaport Investment Diamond Report, as an additional service of control and quality assurance that adds to those in place.

Diamond Love Bond® is part of a world-leading group in the natural diamond industry, with a turnover of over US$ 1.5 billion. As a specialist, with over fifty years of history, we carefully observe what is happening in our sector.

The phenomenon of “investment diamonds” is experiencing euphoric growth in Italy, based on positive fundamentals, not always with the necessary transparency and information to the customer. The Banks channel, which has been active in Italy for decades for the intermediation of diamonds to private individuals, has defined different operating models. Our quality and prices are unrivalled in the entire banking Channel and in top-of-the-range jewellers.

Diamond Love Bond® is a Diamond Company authorized in 2005 (n. 9979) by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy of Belgium, to operate exclusively in cut and rough natural diamonds. We present the natural diamond as an “investment of passion”, like art, numismatics, philately and any form of collection of precious and rare. It is a long-term hoarding, which rewards emotionally as well as preserving the capital spent on its purchase.

In Italy, there is no legislation for diamonds comparable to Law 7/2000, which regulates investments in gold. There is no price fixing for natural diamonds comparable to that of gold or currencies, precisely because of the complexity and number of features that make prices vary between the various qualities. The sale of natural diamonds is subject to VAT, at different rates in different European countries, as for every consumer good.

The natural diamond is not in itself a financial investment, particularly if this means an investment with expectation or guarantee of return and/or liquidation. Anyone who induces the customer to think that investing in diamonds is similar to investing in finance, makes a forcing with respect to reality. Its performance is not financial, but the emotional nature of possession. In the case of future resale, the assets can be referred to as capital gains or losses in relation to the price paid at purchase. Liquidity is not regulated, simply based on the matching of supply and demand at various levels of the supply chain.

Synthetic diamonds sold as natural diamonds and over-grading (gemmology certificates with higher quality characteristics than those that would be certified by the GIA) are two problems for our industry, which undermine the relationship of trust with the customer.

It is a right of the customer to demand an authoritative gemmology certificate, the explanation of the characteristics of the diamond, a transparent comparison of prices in the different product categories GIA – Gemological Institute of America, which constantly monitors to ensure the truthfulness of its certificates, recently denounced fraudulent attempts at falsification.

Diamond Love Bond® has developed a strict internal quality control process to verify every single diamond before and after GIA certification. In the field of safety, we were the first to adopt a sealing system that has three patent levels: Certicard, Certistop, Certieye.

In February 2016 in New York, the Rapaport Group (publisher of the Rapaport Diamond Rerport: list used worldwide as a reference for wholesale prices of cut natural diamonds) presented the Rapaport Investment Diamond Report IDR, a new certification system that selects diamonds through very restrictive criteria. The objective of Rapaport is to establish the international standard of natural diamonds that, because of their rarity, can have greater potential in the hutier to hoard their value.

IDRcan only be issued to natural diamonds with a round brilliant cut that have, first of all, a GIA – Gemological Institute of America, gemmological certificate (issued no more than two years ago), that have Triple Excellent Quality characteristics (excluding diamonds with very good, good quality), no fluorescence and rigid parameters in the measurements. IDR provides high-resolution images and videos of the analyzed diamond, with additional gemological information such as the presence of & quot; BGM tint”; and the origin (rejected Marange diamonds). For detailed information on the parameters set by IDR, please visit www.raplab.com

può essere rilasciato solo a diamanti naturali di taglio rotondo brillante che dispongano innanzitutto di un certificato gemmologico GIA – Gemological Institute of America (rilasciato da non oltre due anni), che abbiano caratteristiche di Qualità Triple Excellent (esclusi diamanti qualità very good, good), fluorescenza assente e rigidi parametri nelle misure. IDR fornisce immagini e video ad alta risoluzione del diamante analizzato, con ulteriori informazioni gemmologiche come la presenza di “tinta BGM” e la provenienza (rigettati i diamanti Marange). Per conoscere in dettaglio i parametri stabiliti da IDR, consultate il sito www.raplab.com

Diamond Love Bond® has always offered diamonds with an even more exclusive selection than that defined by IDR, focusing only on diamonds with FL (Flawless) and IF (Internally Flawless) clarity. IDR in fact includes in the standard diamonds with clarity up to VS2.