Christmas star is from Diamond Love Bond and signed by Scavia

06 Dec 2016

La stella di Natale è di Diamond Love Bond e porta la firma di Scavia

Dream masterpieces made with diamonds of extraordinary clarity and quality.

Diamond Love Bond, an international company specialized in certified high quality natural diamonds (which follow the highest standards of 4C, color, clarity, carat and cut), chooses Fulvio Maria Scavia’s creative talent to interpret their extraordinary diamonds.

This is how the Star9 collection was born, composed of rings, pendants and diamond earrings inspired by the 9-pointed star motif, the Diamond Love Bond trademark.

The star, a symbol of light and guide, joins the power of the number 9, symbol of multiple meanings, absolutely the most important of all numbers.

“9 is a super-perfect number, with a mathematical power already studied by the great mathematician Fibonacci in 1200. This number has a strong symbolic power and is a good luck for Diamond Love Bond, said the Managing Director Marco Pocaterra. In ancient cultures Oriental refers to longevity and eternity and today in the East is the number of love and romance”.

The unmistakable style of Fulvio Maria Scavia is expressed in elegant and essential lines that are gathered near the setting highlighting the stretch of the sparkling star.

The customer can request all the customizations he wants, choosing between platinum, yellow gold and white gold, the color of silk ribbons or the type of pendant necklace.

If the originality of the frame and the executive perfection express all the creativity of Scavia, to further enhance the value of these jewels is the extraordinary quality of the natural diamonds of Diamond Love Bond, strictly certified GIA Gemological Institute of America, the most authoritative institution of the sector. The selected diamonds are distinguished by color characteristics D, E and F, FL and IF clarity, triple excellent quality and no fluorescence.

The stars can also be made with the rare Fancy Natural Color Vivid Yellow, Green-Blue, Pink and Purple diamonds of the exclusive Diamond Love Bond collection, to give the customer an unrepeatable uniqueness.

The collection consists of rings, pendants and earrings in white gold and / or platinum embellished with high quality GIA certified natural diamonds with carats of 0.30 to go up.

All the jewels are designed by Fulvio Maria Scavia and handcrafted in his Bottega Orafa in Milan.

The jewels are available exclusively at the Scavia Jewelry Shop in Milan and at the Diamond Love Bond showroom in via della Spiga 9.

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