Diamond Love Scavia

06 Dec 2016

Diamonds of the best quality combined with the fantasy of a historical jewelry in the quadrilateral of Milan fashion: the Star9 collection by Scavia and Diamond Love Bond.

A marriage of convenience can be turned into a happy union. Especially when you are neighbors. In the center of Milan, in via Spiga, one of the most famous jewelers in Milan, Scavia, has signed an agreement with Diamond Love Bond, an international company specialized in the sale of certified high quality natural diamonds. The two realities have the same address, even if on different levels. The result is the Star9 collection, consisting of rings, pendants and diamond earrings inspired by the motif of the nine-pointed star, which is also the trademark of Diamond Love Bond. In short, on the one hand the quality of the goldsmith fantasy, on the other the quality of the raw material, the diamonds. “We only use Gia certified diamonds, color D, E and F, FL and IF clarity, triple excellent quality and no fluorescence,” explains Marco Pocaterra, CEO of Diamond Love Bond. A high and constant quality that, it emphasizes, is not reached even by other emblazoned Maison of jewelry. Also thanks to this the company manages to sell its diamonds through the bank branches. But this is another story.

The collection uses not only colorless diamonds. The stars of the collection made by Scavia can incorporate Fancy Natural Color Vivid Yellow, Green-Blue, Pink and Purple stones. To give an idea of ​​the price. In the case of necklaces, the pendant is tied by a lace: a way to make the price of jewelry more contained. Of course, everything is relative: a platinum star with a 0.5-carat blue diamond (one of the rarest varieties) costs around 24,000 euros. “But it is not only a jewel, but also an investment in a precious good”, recalls Pocaterra. On the other hand, the goal is to reach the customers who ask for the best: «I have identified in the extraordinary Diamond Love Bond diamonds the perfect partner for this new collection, conceived with the same passion that distinguishes all my creations, which allows me to offer an extraordinarily personalized service, granting me the freedom to create on the basis of delicious dreams and fulfilling eternal desires “, is the comment of Fulvio Maria Scavia, owner of the Milanese fashion house.

Article published on Gioiellis 06/12/2016