Scavia Collection for Diamond Love Bond

14 Dec 2016

Star9 is the name of the exclusive collection created by the designer Fulvio Maria Scavia for Diamond Love Bond, a company specialized in certified natural diamonds that follow the 4C standards (color, clarity, cut and carat).

9-pointed star is the the symbol of Diamond Love Bond: from here it takes the name of the diamond collection of rings, pendants and earrings. «9 is a perfect number, studied since 1200 by the great mathematician Fibonacci – explains the managing director Marco Pocaterra -. In ancient oriental cultures, 9 refers to longevity and eternity and today in the East is the number of love and romance “.

Fulvio Maria Scavia, nephew of the founder of the artisan jewelry maison, was a “goldsmith”: he was 17 years old (today he is 66) when he won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes at the De Beers “Diamonds” contest Today “, one of the most important in the world. In an interview to the Fashion News Magazine (Fnm) he explained that “in front of a Scavia jewel one must be able to say: I have never seen anything like it”. Surely it is worth for the collection created for Diamond Love Bond.

Article published on il Sole 24 Ore 12/12/2016

Collezione Star9 (Orecchini, Pendente, Anello) creati dal M° Fulvio Maria Scavia per Diamond Love Bond