Diamonds and trust

25 Jan 2017

Conversation with Marco Pocaterra, ex General Manager of Pasquale Bruni, since 2005 Managing Director of Diamond Love Bond, a company that sells the world pure and ethical diamonds.

What is your company philosophy and what makes you different to other organizations that trade in diamonds?
Our registered brand, Diamond Love Bond, englobes our philosophy: a person buys a natural diamond because it is good for the heart and soul. Our distinctive element is that – thanks to privileged relations with the largest Alrosa clients and the main De Beers Sightholders – we work with the rarest diamonds, in other words, those that have a less than 0.5% availability in the world. Our quality standard is the highest in our industry, even higher than top brands like Cartier, Bulgari, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels. We select natural diamonds, certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), exclusively with FL and IF clarity and no fluorescence. All our diamonds come within the restrictive A1 specifications defined by Rapaport in order to be assigned IDR, Investment Diamond Report, certificates. Our products can be found in Italy at over 1,500 branches of Gruppo UBI Banca.

When, in your opinion, can a diamond be defined as “ethical”?
The topic of ethical diamonds goes from the Kimberley Process to legitimacy of origin, or rather, diamonds that are not involved in any illegal trffcking such as drug, arms and prostitution trafficking, migrant trfficking, terrorism financing, money laundering and corruption. Along every step of the supply chain, the companies are responsible for ensuring that the consumer does not end up with any diamonds linked to those activities. On the other hand, the customer is also responsible and must insist on buying diamonds with certification from the most authoritative Gemmological Institutes as well as a proper receipt or invoice. Aspects that we are absolutely inflexible about.

VO+DAILY – 23/01/2017