Diamond Love Bond select only Round Brilliant Natural Diamonds in D-E Colour from 0.30 up to 0.99 ct. Only D Colour from 1.00 ct. up to 2.30 ct.

FL (Flawless) – IF (Internally Flawless) Clarity , GIA Certificate – Gemological Institute of America, quality cut grade Triple Excellent, Rapport Specifications & Measurements A1, Fluorescence None. Are also available Natural Diamonds with double certificate IDC Rapaport or IIDGR De Beers with an additional price indicated in the price list.

Diamond Love Bond reject diamonds that are: BGM (Hue and Tone : Brownish – Greenish – Milky), Surface Graining and from Marange.

Price information
The wholesale value of natural diamonds is referred to the Rapaport Diamond Report Round for round brilliant diamonds and PEAR for the diamonds of all the other cuts. Both of the price lists are published on their paid website and reserved to the operators of sector. Another index of reference is IDEX DPR Diamond Price Report Round for diamonds round brilliant and Fancy Cuts for the diamonds of all the other cuts, published on the website

These indexes are built by matrixes that expose values in hundreds of US $ to the carat, referred to specific categories of weight, for a combination of Color from D up to M/N and Clarity from IF up to I3 (according to the International Diamond Grading System of GIA Gemological Institute of America. These indexes don’t have the price for diamonds with FL (flawless) clarity in relation to their extreme rarity.

The selling price of Diamond Love Bond diamonds is shown in the price list below, which is published daily; the price list remains valid until the publication of the next one.

The price list for the reference carat category on the corresponding Color conditions, for Clarity IF (Internally Flawless) includes the following components: VAT currently 22%, commission recognized to the Bank (between 15% and 20%) costs of GIA Gemological Institute of America certificate, laser inscription, cost of the patented security seals (Certicard-Certieye-Certistop-Cryptoprint), costs of authorized values transport ​​and LLOYD’S insurance. In the price paid by the customer are also included, in addition to the direct costs listed above, all other advertising, administrative and management costs as well as taxes paid by the company. For specific products, as published in the price table at the list price are added in transparency:

  1. Cost of any double IDC Rapaport or IIDGR De Beers certificate;
  2. Cost of any Type II condition GIA certificate,
  3. Cost of any higher level of FL (Flawless) Clarity,
  4. Cost of any customized packaging.

Prices are referred to a single diamond of weight reported in the table for its carat category and for the Color and Clarity reference characteristics.

In order to know diamond price over 2.30 ct. please write to or call us 02-76009691

DateDiamond Cut Grade, Symmetry and Polish
EX EX EX - GIA Certificate - IF Clarity (Internally Flawless) - Fluorescence None
Prices are calculated according to the official change of the Bank of Italy euro/US$ dollar to the reference date:
ct. 0,30 - 0,39
ct. 0,50 - 0,59
ct. 0,60 - 0,69
ct. 0,70 - 0,79
ct. 0,90 - 0,99
ct. 1,00 - 1,24
ct. 1,25 - 1,49
ct. 1,50 - 1,75
ct. 2,00 - 2,30
ct. 0,30
ct. 0,50
ct. 0,60
ct. 0,75
ct. 0,90
ct. 1,00
ct. 1,25
ct. 1,50
ct. 2,00
DIF€ 1.503,00
€ 5.010 al ct.
€ 3.987,00
€ 7.974 al ct.
€ 5.202,00
€ 8.670 al ct.
€ 7.587,00
€ 10.116 al ct.
€ 14.319,00
€ 15.910 al ct.
€ 22.959,00€ 30.330,00
€ 24.264 al ct.
€ 42.930,00
€ 28.620 al ct.
€ 96.750,00
€ 48.375 al ct.
EIF€ 1.116,00
€ 3.720 al ct.
€ 3.105,00
€ 6.210 al ct.
€ 4.167,00
€ 6.945 al ct.
€ 6.102,00
€ 8.136 al ct.
€ 11.907,00
€ 13.230 al ct.
* * * *
For diamonds with Clarity FL will be applied an additional price of 13,5% for diamonds up to 1 ct. and of 9% for diamonds over 1 ct.
For diamonds with GIA Type IIa certificate will be applied an additional price of 5% for diamonds up to 1 ct. and of 3,5% for diamonds over 1 ct.
For diamonds with double certificate GIA and Rapaport IDC will be applied an additional price of 8% for diamonds up to 1 ct. and of 5% for diamonds over 1 ct.
For diamonds with double certificate GIA and IIDGR De Beers will be applied an additional price of 65% for diamonds up to 1 ct. and of 3% for diamonds over 1 ct.
Cost of personalized Packaging, diamond craft wallet , 100% leather, commercial value 180,00 euro.
Cost of the possible jewel setting.
It is advisable to dedicate a marginal part of its assets to the purchase of natural diamonds, which does not exceed 5% of the assets, with assets of 100,000 euros at the time of purchase (c.d. target market).