Diamond is a real good whose purchase is linked especially to the emotions that it creates, an allure that crosses time while still remains immaculate.

An important component is the trust that the client relies on the seller, who has to guarantee a transparent certification of the characteristics of the product and the legitimacy of the origin.

Diamond Love Bond only sells natural diamonds that are D-E Color, FL/IF Clarity, Triple Excellent Quality,Fluorescence None and certified by the GIA, Gemological Institute of America. Rejected BGM, Surface Graining and from Marange.

Only 0,33% of gem cut diamonds have these requisites.

The Rarity Pyramid

From a technical point of view, diamond is not a financial product, it’s not correct speaking of yield. Diamond is a good subjected to price fluctuations whose value can’t be unchanged by the passing of time and also undergo significant reduction. Liquidity isn’t regulated, it’s not based only trough supply and demand from intersecting to the various levels of the filiera.

The purchase takes place in accordance to the rules of privacy law. The diamond is a real good subjected to VAT that in Italy is 22%. More detailed informations on the product, on purchasers’ price and on individual price components (value of the stone as Diamond Love Bond list price and of all the services offered) are available on the pre-contractual information.

Product information and risks

1.1 Product

Diamond Love Bond offers only the highest quality of natural diamonds, certified GIA Gemological Institute of America. Natural diamonds are also available with double IDC Rapaport or IIDGR certificate from De Beers, with an additional cost more specifically identified on the price list.

Diamond Love Bond diamonds selection concerns a minimum share of the worldwide availability of natural diamonds of all qualities between 0.30 and 2.30 ct. Diamond Love Bond offers only diamonds from 0.30 ct. up to 2.30 ct. Color D-E from 0.30 ct. up to 0.99 ct. Only Color D From 1.00 ct. up to 2.30 ct.

Diamond Love Bond selects only:

  • natural diamonds with FL (Flawless) or IF (Internally Flawless) clarity;
  • triple Excellent cut quality (with Excellent gradation for all three parameters Cut, Polish, Symmetry);
  • natural diamonds without Fluorescence (None).

Rejected Diamonds that, even if with the certificate characteristics described above are: BGM (Hue and Tone: Brownish, Greenish, Milky), Surface Graining or from Marange.

Rare Fancy Natural Color Diamonds and Natural Colorless Diamonds are available on specific request of customers. These diamonds are different from the basic standard proposed by Diamond Love Bond. For more information about availability and prices, please contact segreteria@diamondlovebond.it, without any commitment to purchase.

Diamond Love Bond natural diamonds respect ONU resolutions that forbid the sale of stones coming from countries involved in war and terrorism events. Diamond Love Bond exclusively sells only diamonds with the declaration of legitimacy of origin and declaration “Child Labor Free” and “Conflict Free.


  • 1.2 Risks

From technical point of view, diamond is not a financial product, it’s not correct talk about output. Diamond are potentially submitted to oscillation of price. The main factors of each oscillation are:

  1. World course of diamond market as a commodity, especially for the quota represented by the quality reserved to the use of precious stones;
  2. Variation of the rates of change: US$ is the currency of reference of the diamonds;
  3. Volumes of commodity introduced on the market: retrieval of new mineral deposits destined to the extraction and commercial politics of the extractors
  4. Commercial politics of the trasformers and the operators on the different levels of the sector;
  5. Embargo politics towards manufacturing countries;
  6. Imposition of customs duties due to the change of international politics on trade between member states;
  7. Changes on the purchase patterns form clients of jewelry and precious goods;
  8. Extreme social and economic events, armed conflict, environmental disaster;

For the customer can be hard to realize a quick sale compared with the time when you make the decision to sell. Therefore it’s possible that will be an increase in the timing of sale and that the customer that wants to implement in a short time having to sell the diamond at a price significantly lower than the purchase price.

Currently Diamond Love Bond sells diamonds exclusively through the banks. There will be a risk that if the bank changes its regulation the sale of diamonds will be more serious and complex.

The purchase transaction takes place according to the regulations set out in the privacy law. The diamond is a good of consumption subject to VAT that in Italy is currently 22%. More detailed information on the product, on the purchase prices and on the value of the individual components of the price (value of the stone as from the Diamond Love Bond price list and the accessory services offered), are available on this website at the “prices” page and in the pre-contractual information.


  • 1.3 Benchmarks

In the market of natural diamonds there are two index of wholesale price, not regulated, international renown:  Rapaport Diamond Report (Round and PEAR for all the cuts not round diamond) and IDEX DPR Diamond Price Report (Round and Fancy Cuts for all the cuts).

There is also an index denominated IDEX DRB Diamond Retail Benchmark referred to retail sales in USA.

The presents price lists doesn’t include VAT.

At the moment there isn’t a price list for European market, that is well known, of retail prices for certified natural diamonds.